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TALENT ID (2010-2013)


Get a chance to travel to Spain, train with LALIGA and compete against other LALIGA teams' academies.



Register for our Talent ID where a group of our UEFA PRO Licensed LALIGA coaches will evaluate players with the goal of identifying the best talents.

The top players from the Talent ID will be invited to participate in a Training Stage in Spain with LALIGA.



A reduced group of players will travel to Spain at the end of May to participate in a 10-day training stage with LALIGA. Players will also have the chance to compete against other LALIGA teams' academies and participate in an unforgettable experience with LALIGA: attendance to LALIGA game, stadium tours, workshops with LALIGA coaches and more!. 

  • How are players selected?
    Players are selected based on the skill level and attitude demonstrated during the Talent ID sessions.
  • Can anyone participate?
    Only players in 2010 to 2013 age groups can participate. The Talent ID is oriented to players with a high-level of soccer ability.
  • What can a player expect when selected?
    Selected players will have the opportunity to go to complete a 10-day training stage with LALIGA in Madrid, Spain. They will be a part of a exclusive LALIGA ACADEMY team who will train in the high-performance center with LALIGA coaches, compete against other LALIGA teams' academies and participate in workshops and other soccer-oriented activities.
  • Is the program directly involved with LALIGA in Spain?
    Yes, the program will be run by our LALIGA Technical Director with the Football Projects Department in Madrid. Selected players will travel to LALIGA ACADEMY in Madrid, Spain.
  • What is included in the Talent ID?
    1 Day of training conducted by our LALIGA ACADEMY UEFA PRO licensed coaches in which players will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and get selected to go to Spain.
  • When will the training stage invitations be issued?
    One week after the Talent ID, all selected players will receive an invitation via email.
  • Is there a goalkeeper specific training?
    Yes, goalkeepers will have a designated coach who will be conducting their session.
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